• CIP Cleaning
  • Cyclones
  • Stair
  • Evaporators
  • Lagares
  • Mixers
  • Exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Reservoirs
  • Silos
  • Conveyors
  • Piping

Viticulture Sector

It was in this business area that the company was set up and developed in, thus our know-how in the most varied technologies used.

We are capable of making and drawing up the project for a cellar from its construction, picking and reception, right down to the bottling of the final product.own to the bottling of the final product.

We have at our disposal 3D tools for project simulation and conception.

Here is some of the equipment:

• Selection tables
• Must separator (grape seed remover)
• Conveyors
      - Belt
      - Helicoidal
• Winepresses for fermentation with a robot for crushing grapes (with or without automatic control)
      - Circular
      - Rectangular
• Tanks
      - Fermentation (with or without automatic control)
            - Conical body
            - Concentric conical bottom
            - Eccentric conical bottom
            - Sloped flat bottom
            - Rotating horizontal
      - Storage
      - Isothermal
      - Gasification
• Tubular exchangers
• catwalks, stairs, distribution pipes, piping, etc.


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Chemical Sector

The requirements that equipment for the chemical industry are subjected to are extremely varied which calls for the use of alloys that are resistant to different types of strain and exertion.

We supply the equipment together with all the documents required for the legalization process. However, should you find it necessary; we can also help you with this process with the official entities.

Throughout our 20-year experience we have already produced the most varied types of equipment for this activity sector some of which are:

- Stainless steel, aluminium and other types of silos for storage of products.
- Liquid and granulated product conduction pipes
- Divided distillation columns
- Absorption columns
- Isothermal and adiabatic reactors
- Mixers
- Evaporators
- Tubular exchangers.


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Ceramics and Cork Sector

In the ceramics and cork sector INACEINOX has developed and improved its techniques in the development of projects, the set up and assembly of complete facilities, storage and the transport of liquid or solid products in various types of steel.

From the equipment already produced we would like to highlight the following:

- Storage of liquid, powder or granulated products;
- Piping networks for the transport of liquids, gas and granulated products;
- Dosing and pumping systems;
- Tubular heat exchangers;
- Automation;
- Tailor-made equipment suited to the customer needs;
- Columns;
- Reactors.


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Food Sector

 This business area focuses on the dairy product and beverage industries, namely the following sectors:

• Milk and its by-products
• Water
• Juice
• Beer
• Soft drinks

Our technology is set on the following parameters::

- We design, manufacture and automate 

As far as equipment is concerned, we would like to point out:

• Storage and treatment tanks;
• Storage silos;
• Isothermal and simple (according to the customer needs, i.e. tailor-made);
• Desiccators for the production of powdered milk;
• Transporters and automatic CIP cleaning facilities.

All this equipment can be manufactured at our facilities or at the customers’. It all depends on the dimension and the capacity of the transportation.

All these products are subject to strict quality and safety control, as stipulated in the legislation within the sector.


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Pharmaceutical Sector

INACEINOX has been in this sector for 5 years.

In the past 2 years it has also supplied the foreign market, namely France, with several types of equipment.

This sector requires that all material used, as well as surface finishes, meet the highest quality standards and, in order to achieve these, we use cutting edge technology and methods that best suit the needs of our customers.

We would like to highlight the following products:
- Tanks for storing raw material
- Reactors
- Mixers
- Cleaning tanks (CIP)
- Connecting pipes


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Plastic Sector

INACEINOX has been in this sector for 10 years.

This is our business area specifically designed for the storage of raw material, namely of the granulated kind, and it is capable of presenting several solutions to meet the different demands made by our customers.

The requirements which the equipment for the plastic sector is subject to, vary a lot due to the equipment dimensions and to its geographical position, which demands an accurate analysis of dimensions when installing.

In addition to the project or plan, simulated in 3D, we manufacture and provide all the equipment, from reception through to the piping that directs the granulated product, right up to the start of its productive process.

We supply the equipment together with all the documents required for its legalization process, thus complying with all the legal requirements as well as meeting the customer needs.  

Throughout the years within this sector, we have already produced several kinds of equipment, some of which are:
- Stainless steel, aluminium and other types of silos for storage of products.
- Liquid and granulated product conduction piping
- Cyclones
- Vertical stairs with landing or spiral access


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